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Configuration files, scripts and more, managed using a bare git repository.
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Update extensions list.
4 hours ago
.bauke Update extensions list. 4 hours ago
.config Enable format on save for Nix files. 4 days ago
.rustup Add Rustup settings. 1 month ago
.ssh Switch B3K GitHub to Codeberg. 3 months ago
.aliases.zsh Add weather and list-installed-crates aliases. 2 weeks ago
.functions.zsh Add the resize-window function. 3 weeks ago
.gitconfig Add gitconfig for B3K. 4 months ago
.profile Rewrite scripts in Deno and move to $BAUKE_DIR. 4 months ago
.zle.zsh Add comments to ZSH files. 2 months ago
.zshrc Add direnv hook. 3 months ago
README.md Add a NixOS documentation file. 2 weeks ago