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@ -20,3 +20,7 @@ Below is the default script template that Hooked uses, where `hook_type` is the
{{#include ../../../hooked-cli/source/templates/}}
You can provide your own template by using the `general.template` configuration setting. If you do, make sure you include a line somewhere that says `# Installed by Hooked.` for the [uninstall CLI command][cli-uninstall].
[cli-uninstall]: ./

@ -10,11 +10,13 @@ The `general` [table][toml-table] is for main Hooked configuration.
| config | String | Hooked.toml | The configuration file to use. If your configuration file isn't `Hooked.toml` you should set this accordingly. |
| directory | String | hooks | The directory Hooked looks in for anything related to files. For example: scripts, templates, etc. |
| template | Optional string | | Path to a custom template to be used when installing scripts. See the [install CLI command][cli-install] for more details. |
config = "Hooked.toml"
directory = "hooks"
template = ""
## Pre-commit
@ -43,5 +45,6 @@ on_failure = "continue"
[^command-and-script]: When both a command and script are defined in a hook, *only* the command will be run.
[cli-install]: ../cli/