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Tildes ReExtended is a reimagination of Crius' original Tildes Extended. This document outlines the differences between the two.

Removed Functionality

Large parts of the original Tildes Extended have been removed for various reasons:

  • Link In New Tab: this functionality now exists natively and can be configured in your settings!
  • Markdown Preview: this too exists natively (although not a "live" preview). Another reason this isn't included is due to Tildes using a customized flavor of Markdown that is difficult to replicate accurately enough with what's available and keep up to date.
  • Sticky Header: with the dedicated "Back To Top" button now I wasn't sure if there was a need for it, so it's left out.
  • Custom Styles: this feature introduced many issues in Tildes Extended while better and more dedicated extensions exist, such as Stylus, that can reliably handle custom styles instead.

Extended Functionality

Some functionality has also been extended more:

  • The Back To Top button has been separated out into its own feature. It used to be apart of the "Jump To New Comments" one.
  • The Themed Tildes Logo feature now picks from theme-appropriate logos instead of a regular tilde character.
  • The Jump To New Comment button now uncollapses comments if the new one is collapsed or is deeper inside a collapsed one.

User Labels

  • Multiple labels per person.
  • Specify priority of labels.
  • A dropdown with theme-appropriate colors for easy access.
  • Pick any hex color you want.
  • Dedicated interface to add, edit, and remove labels.

New Functionality

And various new features have been added such as:

  • Hide topics from the topic listing.
  • Hide your own and/or other people's vote counts.
  • Anonymize usernames.
  • Assign unique colors to people's usernames.
  • Export and import your extension settings.