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This document mainly exists so I (Bauke) remember how to go about publishing Love since it's a little complicated for certain platforms.

To update the version of a theme, use yarn versioning.

Published to platforms

The following sections assume you have previously published a version, but are starting from a completely fresh repository.

Visual Studio Code

  1. Run yarn build (or yarn build:vscode).
  2. Change into the VS Code source directory (cd source/vscode/).
  3. Run yarn package to create the .vsix package.
  4. Head to the Marketplace Manage Extensions page.
  5. Click on the ... next to the current version and click on Update.
  6. Upload the .vsix that was created in step 3.

Open VSX

Love is also published to, with the ovsx CLI. To publish it, use yarn package to package it with VSCE and then publish the resulting .vsix file.

An access token is also required, defined as OVSX_PAT. For example, to publish version 0.1.4, the following commands would be used:

  1. yarn package to create the .vsix package (if it doesn't already exist).
  2. OVSX_PAT=<token> yarn ovsx publish love-0.1.4.vsix.

Published to the website

The following integrations aren't yet/can't be published to platforms, so mostly no special procedure needs to happen. They are just built and served on the website directly.

  • Firefox (if updated, the links need to be updated on the website too, may get published to AMO).
  • Kitty.
  • Sublime Text (may get published at some point).
  • Tauon.